My name is Trace Ceccacci, and I'm a photographer and a biker.  Not necessarily in that order.  I have two areas of special interest in my photography: motorcycles and panoramas.  I like to think that my take on those two subjects makes my work fairly unusual.
Most motorcycle photography falls into certain categories.  It's commercial, or it's a record of a bike event or the biker lifestyle, or it's just a snapshot of someone's treasured machine.  In other words, it's strictly about the machine or the rider.  That's all great of course, I'm all for it, but it's usually not something most people would call art.  (Except perhaps as something you'd hang on a garage wall.)  I think it can be much more than that.  I strive to make my images of bikes into fine art, something to hang in the living room above the fireplace; not just something to hide away stuck on a tool chest in the garage.  Am I successful?  I'll let you be the judge.
As for panoramas... I think that an extra wide image provides a unique view of the world.  It's a very different type of composition, and a very different way of working.  The end result has more detail, more interest, more impact.  If you look at the pages, you may find examples of scenes I photographed in normal aspect ratios and as a panorama.  Look at them, and you'll see while the subject may be the same, the images themselves are completely different and set a different mood.  Not all subjects fit the format of course, and some of my attempts are more successful than others.  But once again, you be the judge.
It may be obvious from most of my work that I'm seldom satisfied with images as captured by the camera.  For me that's just the first step, and there are hours of work to follow.  Most images are combinations of multiple exposures; well over a dozen for some of the panoramas.  I blend different viewpoints and exposure levels together with various tools, and then use that combined image as a base for further adjustments and modification.  Some of these modifications are subtle.  Some... aren't.  While there are a great many people who may feel some of my more heavily modified work is overdone, remember that my goal is very seldom to create an accurate record of what I saw.  My goal is to create an image that makes someone stop and take a closer look.
So take a look around.  See what you think.  Send me a note from the Contact page if you like, although I can't always promise a response.

Note: Please do consider all my images copyrighted.  Enjoy them, but please do not distribute them or put them to commercial use without my express permission.
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